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Gallery Membership

Ferry Artists Membership:

RENEWALS. Go to the bottom of the page. Use the PayPal menu.


After you have contacted us and received a response, There are two ways you can be a member of our gallery:

Exhibiting Members

As the name suggests, can exhibit their work in the Gallery and sell items with us for which the Gallery will take a small percentage of the selling price as commission. Exhibiting members are asked to volunteer for a short shift in the Gallery once a month. This is extremely flexible and practical for those who live in and around the Valley. The cost of this membership is $40.00 annually

Social Members

While not eligible to exhibit work in the gallery, will still get all the great member discounts and concessions that exhibiting members do. Like exhibiting members, they will be notified first of any and all news and events on the Gallery agenda. The cost of this membership is $25.00 annually

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